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A very glamourous story about spitting and peeing...

My Indian (male) friend has made a weird observation: many Indian men spit while peeing. Not one spit but constant small spits. And he asked me (me!) why! So ok I am very curious about Indian customs but how could I possibly know about this one??


After some research


(Read more below)

I learned that apparently many men around the globe spit in the toilet before peeing. It came as a surprise because I rarely go to male loos. I also learned that no one knows why. Though an interesting explanation could be: “just because they can. From the viewpoint of some sociologists, the act of hanging out and spitting just for the hell of it may be a sign of males establishing territory, much like what happens when dogs pee on hydrants or bears scratch their butts against trees. Of course, human males don’t have the olfactory ability to respond to this kind of marking through scent, but they do have the ability to respond through observing gesture. Says sociologist Robert S. McCarl, "Spitting is more than just something coming out of the mouth. It's a way to appear stronger and mark your space…Males are more concerned about turf than women are. You get a group of males together, and there is a lot of posturing going on…It's basically them throwing down a challenge."”


And to go further with the Indian special habit, I found an “old wives tale” according to which “this practice would have its origin in superstition and the supernatural” (so far nothing too surprising). “In countries like India and China it used to be customary to piss under trees. This is often still the case. There were stories that spirits inhabited the trees and would not take kindly to people pissing on them; there are stories of men being slapped by ghosts as they stopped to pee under trees!!

So the spitting (or coughing in some cases) is done to warn the spirit of what is to follow so that they temporarily vacate their spot to allow the man to piss in peace.

The Hindus believe that spirits can reside in the most unlikely of places and it is only polite to warn them in advance.”


Talking of spitting, I found out that the ceramic tiles with all kinds of God (Christians, Hindus etc.) that adorned many walls in India are meant to prevent people from spitting and urinating there!! More efficient than a sign that even if they cared, many people would not be able to read!






Ils crachent en faisant pipi... c'est bien cela ?
C'est très curieux, en effet ! Je viendrai peut-être lire la suite ce soir, car là, je n'ai pas le temps hélas ! Votre ami pense que vous avez reçu les confidences d'un petit frère peut-être ou que vous avez été le témoin privilégié de son éducation ... mais bon, j'espère ne pas avoir déjà fait un contresens à la base, car mon anglais est encore un peu faible.

Posted by: Abama | 03/25/2011

Je viens de lire encore un petit bout de ce texte adorable, les ours qui se grattent le derrière contre les arbres, ça c'est plus compréhensible, leurs pattes avant étant trop courtes ils ne peuvent se gratter les fesses aussi facilement que les humains ; enfin merci pour ces notes stimulantes, où apprendre l'anglais devient d'un coup drôlement plus agréable ! Anglais facile avec Indian Samourai, et pause-travail archi sympa.
Bonne journée à vous ainsi qu'à votre ami.

Posted by: Abama | 03/25/2011

Hier soir au lieu de regarder passivement la télé, je suis allée lire des articles anglais sur le Net afin de progresser dans cette langue, entre autre. J'ai terminé la lecture de votre note par la même occasion.
La vie intérieure, l'imaginaire des personnes superstitieuses a quand même ce côté positif d'être plus riche que celle des animaux.
J'espère à bientôt pour une prochaine lecture

Posted by: Abama | 03/26/2011

Je vous remercie beaucoup pour l'information

Posted by: mondo casinos | 05/14/2011

Interesting story!

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