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Indian comic strip

I am often looking for Indian comics. Apart from Savitha Bhabhi, the online erotic comic that was banned, I never find anything. And the other day, I discovered this excellent comic, on line as well:

Stories of a mother, her 2 kids, her PC-clinging husband, her pilot brother and the cocker spaniel.

One story here :


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Indian books

I have started a list of the books I have read about India and/or by Indian authors... See on the right!

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Shiva devotees

Wait for it ; wait for it.

(This is video is not about the Delhi traffic!!)


At this time of the year (Savan month), millions (about 3) of Shiva devotees will cross Delhi on their way back from Haridwar to their villages. They are carrying, bare-foot, on more than 400 kms sometimes, holy water from the Ganges to bring back to their temple.

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