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Comment book - Adrien

Ladakh the Great.
And then, years later,
An insider in Mumbai,
Ant among ants,
It doesn't feel that bad...
Matheran, its cliffs,
Its fog thickening from another age.
On the road,
Walls as snakes,
Burning carefreeness.
And Udaipur,
Lucky waters
A surprising strike,
Notebooks made out of leather.

Country of asylum for my elder sister,
Who would have guessed?
Such a different culture... to enhance strenght of caracter?

The first real sharing experience
Occured on a stop-over.



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Adrien M., 07/11/2011, Trips:

August 2000 (Ladakh)

August 2009 (Mumbai, Udaipur, Matheran)

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