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The magical product

 I rarely speak about my job but I really like this story… So there it is…

I went to visit to a customer last week who happens to be a pharmacist. A disgusting person to look at. He chews paan continuously (a mixture of betel leef, arequa nut and tobacco) so when he speaks to you, inevitably it is with his mouth full. If it was only that… It overflows from everywhere, he always has some paan juice at the corners of his mouth…

I even marked the red spat of paan I received on my notebook…Really gross.

Besides that he is quite a nice guy though a bit arrogant. He lengthily explained to me how to protect my warehouse from dust. To give more weight to his saying, he showed me my arms and told me “see the skin is dying and it won’t regenerate before two years (ouuuch!)”.

But he has the “magic cream” (I quote), a product “that is not available in India”. It is so good that it lies in a super dusty carton… He opens the tube and put some cream on the arm asking me to rub it and make it penetrate.

Full with good will, I rub. I rub. I rub. The cream/gel starts to make blue sticky balls which get stuck to my arm hairs (even if not so numerous). And they won’t go…

Not really conclusive my friend!! 

Well it’s better to laugh at it… Let’s talk business now!


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