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What did you do this Sunday?

My life is fascinating...

I repaired my AC!
And that is something..

I do not like AC. It is polluting, it is expensive, it dries skin and throat. I drive my favorite Indian crazy by putting the timer on so that the AC stops from time to time. Well let me tell you that April in Delhi did it for me.

I no longer cross a room in the flat without the AC on.
It runs continuously and I am still hot.
I have not had a cold shower for weeks, and I do not put the heater on! I have even to put the cat's water in the fridge.

In these circumstances, when the AC of the living-room starts acting funny, meaning blowing hot air, I say NO. Not happening. Especially since I already had it repaired for the same problem last month!

Having lived cloistered in the office room and bed room for two weeks I finally decided to call a guy. I called JustDial who sent me several numbers. All of them were either busy or nobody spoke English. I called my electrician who promised to send someone. After calling him back at least four times I gave up. Then I remembered that I had stored the number of the guy who repaired the same AC last month. He also does not speak English. But with him, I did not let go. I called ten times on Sunday. He was late ...

He spent 3 hours repairing the AC, changing parts, filling gas and more. When he was finished, I did not have enough cash to pay him. So I asked him to wait, so that I could change, get out and withdraw money. Five minutes later I was out of my room. Just to make sure I checked the temperature of the air leaving the AC. Believe it or not but it was hot! I sat down.
He tried to explain something related to the compressor. Then he must have figured that he would spend less time going back return to work on the AC than explaining the problem to me! Because he spent the next half hour pouring ice and water in the machine ...

He then asked me if the car was mine? Yes, the BMW? Nope why? (Oh f… sh… don’t tell me he has damaged the neighbors’ car!). No, it was just filthy ... Phew!

The story is almost over.
I spent my Sunday from 11 to 18 getting my AC fixed.

So on Wednesday when it started again, I blew a fuse.
I harassed the guy. Worse than a spurned lover coupled with a drug addict in need. He turned off his two phones. Well I continued to call, more than twenty times, and he came, at 20:30.

Bottom line, it's just too hot. The AC is overheating. It has to be turned off for one hour when it overheats.

And thereupon my projector is also overheating.

I was making fun of Indians who spend overtime at the office just to be in the AC. Never again!!

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No need of a directory to find a carpenter!

If employment agencies are driving you crazy, try the Indian style:


Sit in the corner of a street, with all your carpenter friends, and wait for work to come to you!!

In India you can go to the vegetable market, furniture market, plumber market. Easy isn't it?


Put some oil!

 A colleague of mine recently went to France for the first time.
At the end of his training he was offered a bottle of olive oil.

  • Me: Oh nice gift! Have you used it? (Doubting but he would not know what to do with it.)
  • Him: Yes yes. (That’s it? No details? What the hell did he do with that oil??!!)
  • Me: Oh and how?
  • Him: As massage oil!! My back was so sore after the eight-hour flight home!
  • Me: Laughing.
  • Him: No one in my family likes it nor knows how to cook with it.
  • Me: Yes. I'm not laughing at you! I just realise I must have done a lot of things that must look funny ot Indians too ;)

 More ...

I tell the story to my mother who replies that olive oil is excellent for massage!

  More ...

I go to buy an oil lamp. The dealer explains to me how it works: "You can put any oil, even olive oil!"

  More and end ...

One day, long ago, in Pune, I wanted to buy coconut oil for cooking. So I went to the supermarket. Being unable to find it, I finally asked for help. The guy took me to the cosmetics department, gave me a small blue bottle of coconut oil and swore to God that it worked as well for cooking as for hair! I was not THAT convinced but I had no choice ... It did work.