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Me, goddess

During a visit to Madurai, in Tamil Nadu, while my colleague was tying up a jasmine garland in my hair, I asked him if the red mark on the forehead of his executive meant that he had made his prayer (see my note on the bindi here). He confirmed and added it was to make the day auspicious, and also that he himself used to do it but that he had stopped since he had become god. Become God ???  

Bah yeah, when he became a manager, and people started working for him and therefore he was providing them with a living, he is a bit like God for them. If we think further, I am also a goddess by the way. And our general manager too. That’s why, he explained, at every meeting, our guys carry him and dance with him in the air. They worship him as their God...  

That, and the rest of the year they break God’s balls!  

But still, we are far from the hatred of the boss encountered in other countries!

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