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Everybody not be Michael Jordan...

Simply baffling...

India,toilets,loo,toilet paper


Sometimes I wonder how the connections in some brains are working?


What does this picture tell us? 

  1. Some Indians also use toilet paper (and not only the spray hose), probably to dry their ass.

  2. Some Indians do not throw paper in the toilet – which is the case in many countries where the piping is not adapted to these new ‘methods’ (wiping ones bottom with toilet paper).

  3. Some Indians do not know how to aim or do not understand the opening mechanism of a trash bin.

  4. Some Indians do not put themselves in the shoes of the cleaning lady and do not have much respect for her. 

Seriously, this trash bin after the visit of auditors / consultants leaves me speechless...


PS: Note that no, the trash can was not full.


More about toilets in India here.

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