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Helen's pearl 2

india,demonetisation,robin hood,modi,prime ministerA few weeks ago, Modi, the Prime Minister, was a God for our nanny. The communication campaign which aimed at ‘making demonetization a feat’ and presenting him as a ‘Robin Hood of modern times who takes black money from the rich to redistribute to the poor’ had worked.

And here she comes back from holidays, completely upset with him! Apparently she couldn’t digest his new year speech. Rather than giving quantified results of his coup and details on the exit of the tunnel for cashless people, he talked about the 6,000 rupees that every pregnant woman should receive – which is actually the case since 2013 but there are some small hiccups in implementing this. “All these women are going to make babies and leave them in the street to get their 6,000 rupees! Why doesn’t he speak about job instead?”

My nanny is a Chinese wise woman who wants the fishing rod and not the fish!

“And then he promised housing for everyone and the only things that are built are in villages where nobody wants to go. No. Really we need to fire him!”

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