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Survivor India

They are launching Survivor India. 


I have to say, I find it a bit indecent and completely disrespectful for the miserable people who struggle to eat everyday (they might not even care (nor know) about it but still).

If the rich people need to endanger themselves to find back the taste of life, they can start by learning how to use a toaster, cut a papaya, buy their vegetables. And if they really have a great thirst of adventure, they can take the local train!!

I am being mean, it’s bad…


Delhi vs Mumbai - The aiport

I am learning about the differences between Mumbai and Delhi (about which you will hear a lot about in a near future).

Anyway, the first contact with any city is with its airport (or train station). I landed recently in Mumbai international airport (December 28, 2011) and had to carry 3 huge pieces of luggage because it was a total chaos and there was no trolley…

And here is what welcomed me in Delhi in the first week of January… 1 – 0 for Delhi!!!






Young Sikh and Daddy Sikh at the airport


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