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A South-Indian wedding

I am often asked how an Indian wedding is…

The first thing to know is that they are really different from North to South.

So for instance, here are some pictures and video of a wedding in Tamil Nadu: a lot of simplicity (less show-off) in most South-Indian weddings!

Mariage Inde du Sud2.jpg

Mariage Inde du Sud3.jpg

Mariage Inde du Sud4.jpg


This year I like Diwali!

Because this year my Diwali gift is a trip to Paris (far far away from the crackers), I wish you, along with my office neighbours, a very happy Diwali!!




Yoga Stories - Surya Namaskar

As you may know, I am in my “yoga” period. After having practiced intensely (i.e daily) during the holidays, I had enough and went on a two-week break. I nevertheless found the strength to get up on a Tuesday morning and to resume my classes. And I gave it all I had!! Which made my muscles incredibly sore for the next 3 days!!


Here is “the” yoga position, Surya Namaskar (or Salutation to the Sun), in Delhi airport.

Apparently very complete exercise and not quite as easy as it may look (at least as far as I am concerned)…

For the purists, it should be done at sun rise or sun set (and bowing to the sun, you will have guessed it!).


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