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About casts and tailors...

The question of casts, which everyone asks, is quite complicated.

Everyone agrees that is less and less proeminent, especially in metros.

But according to me, even outside metros, you have to speak the language to get to understand anything about it.

Though a flex drew my attention in Gangtok:




The magical doctor

If you want a safe pregnancy, why don’t you visit your eye surgeon??  


I should show this to my gynaecologist who complex-less gives me in November an appointment for September 2011. Right the time to have a baby or to die of uterus cancer!! So be it, I shall visit my Indian crazy gynaecologist who has a talent to perform smear without informing (or without me understanding). And that is not easy!


Bananas, a rare item in India...

Lately, I have been spending my time in airports, on an all India tour of customers! (Hence less posts).

I like airports. I always get to see out-of-the-world things.

Like this woman who had to repack her vegetables at the air company stand - and she was flying a 120€ flight from Kolkata to Mumbai... It is well known that we don't have bananas in Mumbai...