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Sunday walk on Juhu Beach

With incredible views: the amazing quantity of trash brought back by the sea and covering the beach, the number of kids playing cricket, cops who empty the beach because of high tide and the turkey.

india,mumbai,juhu beach

india,mumbai,juhu beach



A Saturday evening on Earth

I don't know if this will be of interest for anyone but here is a mix of videos of a taxi ride in Mumbai (from Phoenix Mall in Lower Parel to Khar Danda).

It is one of my great pleasures here... The taxi... Or rather the taxi rides, watching what is happening in the street. I would even leave my taxi in the parking!



Driving in the monsoon rains

I know that given the weather in Europe this year, it would not be welcome of me to complain about the rains here (all the most since it is still 28 degrees outside!). 

But see, this afternoon I opened my car and there was 2 centimers of water on the floor! And then half of the roads were blocked because of floods - and this, my GPS (this idiot!) doesn't detect it yet!! I also banged a car, like a big accident. It was a combination of factors like we say: a moron who didn't know how to drive, my foot that slipped in my Crocs (I had to take on me to wear again these ugly shoes, quite practical in the rains) and a moment of distraction where I couldn't remember which pedal was the break! I don't know how but not even a scratch...

Here is how it looks (with a music I find quite adapted ;) ):