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The hundred dollar question!

Why do Sikhs wear a turban??


A few words about this religion first.india,sikh,sikhism,symbols,kesh,uncut hair,name,singh

It was founded over 500 years ago. The founder of the Sikh religion was Guru Nanak who was born in 1469. The origin of this religion is not agreed upon but it was created at a time where Hindus and Muslims kept fighting and it takes a lot from both religions. Guru Nanak preached a message of love and understanding and criticized the blind rituals of the Hindus and Muslims;

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A very glamourous story about spitting and peeing...

My Indian (male) friend has made a weird observation: many Indian men spit while peeing. Not one spit but constant small spits. And he asked me (me!) why! So ok I am very curious about Indian customs but how could I possibly know about this one??


After some research


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The pedicure

The other day I indulged my self in a very girly activity I had never done before: a pedicure! Please meet my pedicure:



Yeah, a guy!! And there were only guys doing that. Pedicures and manicures!!

He did well, no complain – I even wondered whether I would ever cut my nails myself again!!

Just a remark on the polish choice. I took 10 minutes to carefully select a polish that was as light and not shiny as possible. I spent the next few hours looking at my toe nails with bewilderment. What an awful colour!! So this is official, there are no “normal” polish colours in India, it has to be glittery!!


In the same spirit, you will almost only find male tailors, male cloth washers, male waiters and male bra sellers (and other garments). This last profession is opening to women, especially in malls and outlets of international brands but this is far from being frequent. I guess this is because traditionally women should not work…

(I know, only a twisted mind would take such a picture, still I did it!)