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Beautiful country…


Where a client comes one day and tells me : « oh, I’m not well today… I have gaz ».




So gracious.



One good thing when you live in a developping country like India is that it is easy to find labor and that is cheap (between 50 to 150 rs for a plumber – 1 to 3€).

One bad thing is that this labor is not necessary skilled and they can cause quite a bit of damage (I remember for instance the guy who left gross finger stains on my freshly painted wall while drilling a hole to put up the TV…).


How to find a painter in India??

Like to find any labor, the easiest way is to ask around (colleagues, friends, neighbors). But if you don’t want the whole world (including your landlord – the less he knows, the better) to know that you have started some painting work, just ask the guy who sells paint. Easy no??


How to find a plumber in India??

Probably the above technique also works (asking a hardware shop). Otherwise, there is THE thing: just find the key guy (the guy who makes key doubles on the street). Somehow they always know a plumber…


How to find an electrician in India??

I have not needed one so far… Yeah, I prefer to look like a complete alien, walking in the streets with my broken neon light (to change it). But Indian flats might require (frequently) some heavy electrician work to be done. Asking the watchman of your building might be the safest option…


How to find a doctor in India??

For everyday problems, the hospital is a good option. On top of it, you always have funny stories to tell afterwards. For bigger problems, you might wanna activate your foreign network…


How to mow the grass in India??

With cisors, why??


Unknown beautiful jaïn temple in Mumbai

You go on the balcony and you are suddenly face to face with a giant lotus. 


And naked boys (statues!).


One fine day, they send you to a hospital for a shooting.

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