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The traveling hugger... (Part 3)

The next day, still in Hyderabad and on market visits, we passed in front of a KTM shop and just to be sure I stopped the car.



Today somehow I have no problem with discussing about bikes in Hindi… And surprise! The sales guy spoke very well English and understood immediately (after I showed the picture) what I wanted – a good lesson for me: when I go outside my comfort zone and interact directly with people things happen always better than expected!  

So I asked if they had a hugger. And they did! But one of the parts was not in stock... But he could get it within 24-48 hours! But I was flying the same evening. 

(To be continued)



The traveling hugger... (Part 2)

Two days later I was in Hyderabad for work and decided to try my luck there.

My local colleague must have dialled at least three numbers before finding the right KTM dealer. Who had no stock of huggers.


I then sent a mail to the buyer announcing that it was too much for me… I am not eBay after all!!


(To be continued)



The traveling hugger... (Part 1)

Some time ago I was asked via my blog something rather unusual... It was a French guy who was looking for a part for his bike.

Since my blog led me to live a pretty incredible story a few weeks ago (and because I am super cool ;) ), I decided to pay back destiny and see what I could do about this part. If it was not too hard to find, why not...


This part was called a “hugger” (or matflap, meant to be put on the back wheel and protect from the mud) and it was meant for a KTM Duke 125/200/390.





And "this part cannot be found anywhere but in India. This KTM brand is Austrian but they make their bikes in India, so India is the country where accessories for this brand can be found..." An amazing story about globalisation!


I googled "KTM Mumbai" and found two dealers in Mumbai. I made a colleague call – I couldn’t find the guts to talk over the phone about bikes in Hindi, surprising huh? The part in question would be in stock within 2-3 days only. 4 days later I was about to go directly to the store but I couldn’t find the guts to talk in person about bikes in Hindi either. So before going there I made my colleague call again. And this time she was told that the hugger is actually made of three parts (the matflap, the hugger and the side-guard) and one of them is not in stock and they don’t know when it would come.


But I don’t give up easily... 


(To be continued)