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Checking Indian hospital hospitality

On a Sunday morning of October, I wake up in Delhi with a pain in the intestine, on the right side, and really nauseous. It’s going to pass… (It’s not like it is the first time I have a tummy upset!)

On Thursday, I am really not well and I go to the doctor – it’s nice, there is a French-speaking doctor in Mumbai!

She suspects an acute appendice, give me antibiotics and send me to do some tests.


The next morning, I do a sonography that I will remember… My bladder was not full ; and she saw the worst things : a cystic lesion, a baby, a lump in my intestine and then another lesion. Once my bladder full, she only saw an expanded appendice!!


I spend the week-end in chemical until the Sunday evening when I give up. I am too nauseous too eat and take my medicine. I call my mummy to cry a bit… I feel so lonely all in a sudden… (I can’t deal with disease, if it is mine; thankfully I am never sick) I know that I could call Emilie or my boss. But somehow I am not good at asking for help…


On Monday afternoon I go back to the doctor, as planned. She decides

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This year I like Diwali!

Because this year my Diwali gift is a trip to Paris (far far away from the crackers), I wish you, along with my office neighbours, a very happy Diwali!!




Tell me, what is a papaya??

The other day, I asked my favourite Indian to buy a papaya.

And there he is, asking me what a papaya looks like?!!

And here he goes, googling “papaya”!!


The following day I come back on the subject:

  • “Tell me, if you do not know with what a papaya looks like, can I deduce from that that you have never cut one before?”
  • “No.”
  • “And an apple?”
  • “Neither.”
  • “Any fruit?”
  • “No!! Why would I cut a fruit if there are always people paid to do it??”


I have to say, even though it makes sense, I am still thinking of this.

For sure if I had somebody to cut fruits for me every day, I believe that I would enjoy it! But it would not mean that I would never cut one myself would it??

It was also a full lesson to teach him how to hang a tee-shirt on a hanger. No you don’t stuff it on the hanger, it won’t dry!  

It reminds me the story of the Parisian kid who, asked to draw a fish, drew a square yellow thing (a fish finger!)…


Even though my papaya story seems to be taking place in Gossip Girl, this happens in the Indian middle class. No need to be very rich here to have employees.

In the same line, Indians find it horribly difficult to understand that foreigners usually don’t have a cook. So then how do we eat??

I’ll explain you in another story… ;)

Ok labour is cheap and easily available but I also believe that Indians are quite lazy!! (I don’t know if it is because the labour is cheap and available or because the climate is so hot, but well…)

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