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5 years ago…

 …I arrived in India…

 Here are 2 dialogues quite typical when non-Indian people ask me for how long I have been in India. The 1st one is usually with a non-Indian who 1. has never been in India, 2. visited India on holidays and 3. has just arrived in India. And the 2nd is with a non-Indian person who has had some brush with India…


-          5 years?? You must be in love with India no?

-          Euh… No. I don’t adore her, I don’t hate her, I have just found a (small) place here.


-          5 years?? How did you do it?? (meaning, how are you still holding on?)

-          Euh… I have found a professional and affective balance here. And after 5 years of introspection – I spend a lot of my time with myself! – I think I may have even found some kind of inner balance!!

To celebrate, I decided to select a picture of every place I have been to during my personal trips. It took me a lot of time but gave me the opportunity to kind of travel there a second time and moreover to realise that I have seen some out-of-this-world things!! Maybe it is also why I have been staying ;)

So here is my patchwork (there is an album (see on the right) where the detail of the places where the pictures were taken is mentioned); there are pictures that meant something to me, not necessarily very touristic and none has been photoshoped:



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Places I have visited out of personal interest...


Checking Indian hospital hospitality

On a Sunday morning of October, I wake up in Delhi with a pain in the intestine, on the right side, and really nauseous. It’s going to pass… (It’s not like it is the first time I have a tummy upset!)

On Thursday, I am really not well and I go to the doctor – it’s nice, there is a French-speaking doctor in Mumbai!

She suspects an acute appendice, give me antibiotics and send me to do some tests.


The next morning, I do a sonography that I will remember… My bladder was not full ; and she saw the worst things : a cystic lesion, a baby, a lump in my intestine and then another lesion. Once my bladder full, she only saw an expanded appendice!!


I spend the week-end in chemical until the Sunday evening when I give up. I am too nauseous too eat and take my medicine. I call my mummy to cry a bit… I feel so lonely all in a sudden… (I can’t deal with disease, if it is mine; thankfully I am never sick) I know that I could call Emilie or my boss. But somehow I am not good at asking for help…


On Monday afternoon I go back to the doctor, as planned. She decides

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This year I like Diwali!

Because this year my Diwali gift is a trip to Paris (far far away from the crackers), I wish you, along with my office neighbours, a very happy Diwali!!