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Hindi teacher - I persist and sign.

I did not renew the experiment with my Hindi teacher but I did not give up…


A teacher found my blog and offered to give me lessons but it was not conclusive - she lives too far. On the other hand that gave me a new boost.


And so here I was, googling “Hindi teacher Bandra”. And here, on a fine evening, a teacher arrived at my home. In order to not fall in my usual trap (shyness) I started off in Hindi…

At the same time, my cat was sniffing avidly his feet before going on with a thorough examination and putting his front paws on his lap, obviously with the objective of sniffing his hands, or maybe of playing with his envelope.


He told me a little about his life. How he gave up journalism to open a spa with a friend. He knew nothing back then, he had to learn everything about massages. Moreover he also got into reiki. So he would charge me for Hindi lessons but massages are free of cost (foot massage or reiki)!

It can help relaxing during a lesson!! And it helps him not to lose touch!!


So either he is a total pervert. Or he is a real gem!!

Either way I am going to give him a chance to teach me Hindi – if anything it will be a good distraction for my cat!


Yoga Stories - The Cat

Speaking about yoga, there is one that can NOT stand it. My cat.


He starts by scratching the yoga mat. Then he lies down on the middle of it. Then he comes and hits his head against mine when I am an all four.


When he is done doing all that, he attacks me, and not with the claws, the teeth!!


And apart from locking him up in the bedroom, he will keep on attacking me; happens every time…


And he never ever attacks me otherwise! Funny no?

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The hair-dresser experience…

Like everything else (dentist, gynecologist), I was scared at first. But hair is ok, you can take the risk of a damage, it will grow back…

So it all started in Pune, in a small salon recommended by a friend, Gazelle. It all went well, especially when the bill came and it was somewhere around 500 rs (about 10€ at the time)!! In Paris, they would charge me no less than 50€ and even more because I have long hair!


Then I moved to Mumbai and I did not have a hair cut for a long long time till I met Emilie who recommended her salon, E…. Well that was nice also, at first. And decently priced, about 650 Rs (also 10€, because of the change rate).


Till the day when I decided I deserved a little extra and could get a hair massage… The guy (a young chap) came was totally nonchalant, pants on the knee, shirt half tucked in half out, shambling. Mmmhhh let us not be French and judge on appearances… The guy would not speak English which is pretty unusual in this kind of salon and in this area. So, to make a long story short, the guy was sending sexual vibes all along (especially when he put his fingers in my ears and touched my boop on the pretext of massaging my arm), asking weird questions, giving weird looks. So much for the relaxing session…


I decided I did not like this salon after all, having perverse employees, and it is always packed, they blast the music AND the TV and the floor is always full of hair – and as it is I am disgusted by dead hair. Well but my hair grows and unless I wanna look like a sadhu, something had to be done. And here I spotted the B… salon. I am not chauvinistic at all, but why not try the French experience?

The salon is big, well organised and half empty at 5:30 PM. While you are getting your hair washed (and massaged), the chair massages your back and legs… I have not asked for the price but I can already tell it is worth it… And then comes the hair dresser. I explain to her in English what I want – and I think this is the vocabulary the most difficult to remember (scaling, trimming etc.) since I use it only twice a year. But she gets my point. And then she asks where I am from and she smiles. I think because the brand is French but no, she is also French!! The ultimate hair dressing experience!!

Being a shy person, the hair-dresser has always been a dreadful experience. It seems, at least in France, that you HAVE TO chitchat with the guy all along the cut. Me? Talking to a stranger? Saying hi is enough! So I dragged people along and it is probably only last year that I went alone for the first time – but hey, I did not talk much! All this to conclude that yesterday I spent one hour discussing India, guys etc. with my hair dresser!!

I paid 1 850 Rs (around 30€) because she was a senior hair-dresser, which is still half of what I would pay in France and I had my first really enjoyable hair-cutting experience!!