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Just for fun!


The world according to the Indians and the French!

Click on the pics to see them bigger.

So good!

How Indians see the world…


(Don’t be surprised, France doesn’t even exist! When I am asked in a train or something, it usually goes:

  • Vich country mam?
  • France 
  • ???
  • Europe
  • ???
  • The UK
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

To balance it, I found a map of how the French see/saw the world. Apparently this map was published in a French magazine in 1989 and drawn by a French guy:



More explanations:



The first time I heard it, I roared with laughter (maybe only the French will find it funny but still):

"hey can you pass me the Dijon please?"

The what?? Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The mustard of Dijon!! So this is how you call mustard in India... By the name of the city where it is originally made!! Well it makes sense in a way, they call "Kolhapuris" the shoes made in Kolhapur for instance...

And the other day, what do I see in the menu?? "Pomfret Dijon"... A fish cooked in mustard then...


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