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Staying in Andamans hell

Back to Port Blair we went to jail...  
We visited the prison historical fact...

Ok ok bad joke...
Once you arrive in this Cellular jail you go straight from paradise to hell...            
Mainly you are sweating like a pig because of the humidity.    

In short, the prison is the only tourist spot of Port Blair apparently. A place of torture that looks pretty nice today. Built in the shape of a star, each branch filled with cells - imposing solitary confinement...               
What is interesting is the story of all "freedom fighters" who were sent there and tortured. It makes you want to read more on the subject ... But no time!         


Staying in Andamans paradise

From Kolkata we took a flight to Port Blair.   
Upon arrival, a pleasant surprise: the taxi of the hotel was waiting for us! And drove us straight to a restaurant to have some good grilled fish before boarding the boat.         
We then let the staff drive us to the jetty, then to the boat, then to the hotel and then we went from discovery to discovery ...    

Firstly a huge hall made entirely of wood ... Then a great looking guy that came out of nowhere (and who proved later to be the barman - God be praised!) ... Then our tent quite ugly from the outside but what a surprise when you enter a luxury desert tent... And finally the beach. Beach 7. Radhanagar Beach. Voted one of 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia. And no disappointment!     

Andamans - Novembre 2012


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Meeting Durga in Kolkata

On the way to paradise, I decided to do a stop-over in hell, so that I would savour the peace more!               
And for hell ... I named Calcutta!     
I did try though... I went there on business trips 3-4 times and each time I did not this city. I find it very noisy and cramped. But I always thought that I must have missed something ... I thought that as a tourist I might find it...

You arrive in an airport that dates back from another decade – you could feel in Mumbai airport 6 years ago, only worse.
You board a (yellow) taxi, which dates back from another century. At first the ragged seat fabric and the springs popping out are funny. The whole thing becomes less funny when you get stuck for half an hour in a procession! My friend who witnessed for the first time the parade of trucks carrying gigantic idols and dancing people to the sound of drums got mesmerised and forgot the discomfort of our vehicle! I must admit Kolkata doesn’t play small! One street was fully decorated with giant billboards with flashing bulbs and moving shapes. People yell. Cars are stopped. It’s Durga party!!

Kolkata - Novembre 2012

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