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Live from paradise!

If you are looking for me I am here (put the sound!):

Barefoot resort, Havelock Island, Andamans Islands, India


To my question: “Is there mobile network on the island?” the resort guy answered “Do note that network is very poor and most of the time is not working.” To which I commented… “Perfect!”


So here I am, somewhere on an island, good weather not guaranteed and crocodiles in option (see the fatal attack: article) but I WILL sleep!! Reminds me of this song “Lovers keep on loving, believers keep on believing, sleepers stop sleeping”…


I had initally planned to visit a few islands, but the 12 hour bus ride to go up north and the 12 hour boat ride to go down south put me off. My ass and I will go that resort and spend 5 full days and nights there and that's about it!!



Trekking on top of the world...

For holidays, some go roasting on the beach and others go to sweat their ass off at 4 000 metres above sea level... Guess what a Samurai does? Bingo!


My parents came in India for a ten day trip in Himachal Pradesh (up North), Spiti Valley (crossing the Kinnaur Valley and the Lahaul Valley on the way)... It had been described to us as a mountain range more "affordable" than Ladakh. God knows what that meant... The 2 day drive from Shimla to Sangnam in Pine Valley had nothing very affordable! The road was just under construction... The 6 day trek with crazy hikes were not really more affordable (cf my mother’s altitude sickness) – and as a matter of fact we did not meet any other tourist! The 1 day drive from Kaza to Manali through a Rohtang Pass half collapsed due to landslides, not what I call affordable.


You get it, I am not convinced with the affordability of the place! However, the calm, the nature, the simplicity make it a magical place for trekkers. Much much more than Ladakh – ok in Ladakh you feel you are the only one on Earth, but in fact after having walked in the Spiti, you realize you can be much more alone!). There is just no word to describe it!



Himachal Pradesh - Aout 2012



Himachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley, Kinnaur, Lahaul, Shimla, Manali, Trek



Spiti calling!

After six months of getting used to Delhi, the itch has started again and here I am, organizing the next trip...

This time I will go to... the Spiti Valley! Never heard about it? Normal! Not easy to organize a trip in India out of the touristic places. My father had found this lost paradise in the mountains, God knows how. A Valley apparently spared by the rain during monsoon (I insist on the “apparently” since D-5 before departure it is flooded and there are landslides (see here)) and easier to go to than Ladakh.


Not easy to organize a trip in Spiti valley. First it is not easy to access (you can enter it from Shimla or Manali). Only Shimla has an airport – but there is only one flight per day, and more importantly it is a Kingfisher flight and they are going bankrupt big time and there is always a good chance your flight is cancelled... And no train. So are left with a 8 hour car journey or a night bus! We will do both ;)


Then how to balance trek and car? How to choose between Spiti Spiti or Lahaul Spiti or Spiti Pine Valley or or... I made at least ten possible itineraries!


For more details come back at the end of August!