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Sri Lanka

For Christmas, I “dragged” my parents to Sri Lanka.
It was easier for me with all the year end changes to be close to India…
I had never been, always hearing that it was just like South India.
Not really…
People don’t look at you weirdly. Waiters smile. Everyone is very relaxed. No one horns for no reason. Streets are clean.
Nature is really luxuriant, even more than in Kerala. The numbers of plants and animals you see is just amazing. Historical sites are well preserved.
Unfortunately I had no time to go to the beach but I will go back!!

Sri Lanka - Dec 2011


In Bandra, "fancy" neighborhood of Mumbai

The other day I dragged my friend on Reclamation (Bandra West) fly-over to take pictures of the snaps…
I have been on this fly-over God knows how many times (and for how long, since there is always a lot of traffic on that bridge), every time thinking that I wanted to take pictures. So I finally did it…

Please see Survivors of another kind (in reference to: ):

Mumbai, Reclamation slum - Jan 2012


Mumbai on a 1st of Jan

Mumbai - Jan 1st 2012

In Bandra (Mount Mary Basilica)