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Lawyer attitude

I've never liked my neighbour too much (see our first and only encounter: here) but he has never complained about the noise (of my sound system) and that’s good enough !

The other day my landlord came over. And hold on tight! I think he was hitting on me! It is not too surprising except that he is in his eighties... And so he was, asking me to sit closer on the sofa and all... But once he got really comfortable he started discussing his prostate problems and then, how to tell, it killed everything...

To get back to our subject, grandpa called the neighbour in, his grand-nephew or something like that. We came to discuss electricity bills. My neighbour, a 30 year old lawyer, was really upset: "Can you believe it? If you don’t pay your bill, they send someone to your house and if you don’t pay, they cut the wires immediately. I called to ask them how they dare do this to me? To me! A lawyer! »

Yes you arrogant idiot, lawyer or not, you pay your bills. And if you're never at home like me, you pay them online. Yes yes...



 The day after the arrival of my friend in Delhi, I explained to her the difficulty that I have had to meet people. I am talking about the hundreds of weird Indian guys who want to “be my friend” or about expatriates who spend their evenings trashing India. These are easy to find. But the others it’s another story, maybe even more because with experience you become hyper suspicious (perhaps too much).

And as to contradict me, this is what has happened the same day: my friend and I were sitting on the balcony when I noticed the neighbours of the first floor of the opposite house (about 20 years old) packing a frame.

Half an hour later the doorbell rang.

A young Indian with spots glasses.

That handed me over a frame!

One of his friends had visited an exhibition and purchased (for €12) the following piece of propaganda for Bibles:




And he thought that this poster would be better in its place in my house!