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Hindi - The teacher / masseur

Sooo?? How is my Hindi class with my teacher / masser?


First class: all good. I really appreciate his method: every time he teaches me a new word/rule of grammar, he asks me to say sentences in Hindi. Exactly what I needed!


Second class: the sentences I have to translate are a little weird. “D. (it is him) is a bad man.” “I do not want to go to the movie with D.” “I do not go to D.’s house.” And other things. For example he explains me the difference between “aap” (you with respect) and “tum” (you with more intimacy): “Now you say “aap” to me but when we get closer you will tell me “tum”.” And then he asks me to make a last sentence. I say something like “Today I have a lot of work.” And he goes: “Oh I am disappointed.” “??” “I thought you were going to say that you will miss me…” Mmmhhh…


To finish, towards the end of the course, as I was yawning, he tells me: “ah this is too bad, the class is almost finished. If we had had 15 minutes more I would have given you a massage. ” I say no thank you. “But there is no need to touch, it is reiki”. I say no, not my things. He leaves…


To be continued!


Hindi teacher - I persist and sign.

I did not renew the experiment with my Hindi teacher but I did not give up…


A teacher found my blog and offered to give me lessons but it was not conclusive - she lives too far. On the other hand that gave me a new boost.


And so here I was, googling “Hindi teacher Bandra”. And here, on a fine evening, a teacher arrived at my home. In order to not fall in my usual trap (shyness) I started off in Hindi…

At the same time, my cat was sniffing avidly his feet before going on with a thorough examination and putting his front paws on his lap, obviously with the objective of sniffing his hands, or maybe of playing with his envelope.


He told me a little about his life. How he gave up journalism to open a spa with a friend. He knew nothing back then, he had to learn everything about massages. Moreover he also got into reiki. So he would charge me for Hindi lessons but massages are free of cost (foot massage or reiki)!

It can help relaxing during a lesson!! And it helps him not to lose touch!!


So either he is a total pervert. Or he is a real gem!!

Either way I am going to give him a chance to teach me Hindi – if anything it will be a good distraction for my cat!


My Hindi teacher, part 3 and last…


(cf )


The “true story” of my Prof: “A boss takes along his secretary to the jeweller on a Friday evening and buys her a jewel. He pays by cheque. On Monday, the jeweller calls him to tell him that he will not send the jewel because the cheque has bounced. The boss replies that he is aware of it.” And there my teacher looks at me expectantly, like “did you get it??”. Bah yes, the boss manoeuvred to sleep with the secretary… My teacher finds it too incredible!! And he ends the story with a “of course this did not happen in India”. Of course.


One day he asks me: “do you drink??”. I know very well what he meant, as in whether I am OK with alcohol. I  act like an idiot who does not understand. Then next question: “Are you an alcoholic??” Euh… Maybe not. it worries me that you are an English teacher and that for you there is no such thing as an occasional drinker!! And two weeks later I get a lesson on Cathway Pacific, a super company which serves you as much alcohol as you want. So maybe you are an alcoholic no??


At the time of our penultimate lesson, my teacher tells me: “so what would be my gift?? For teaching you??” Huh?? I had planned to give him something, because I imagine well that little of what I pay goes to him and he is old and sick. But asking?? Pfff…

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