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In India, they call me Imli, the phonetic transcription of my name and it means tamarin Hindi. Indians laugh really hard when they hear that my name is Imli!

I was born in 1982 in Paris and I moved to India after completing my Business Master degree (2006). I spent 2 year in Pune (in Maharashtra) working for a company importing polymers. I then worked for a pet food company for 7 years (in Mumbai mainly thought I moved to Delhi for a year in-between). And I am now dealing with breast pumps in Gurgaon, a suburb of Delhi.

I have a favorite Indian and our Baby Samourai joined us in December 2014.

The real name of my blog is IndianSamourai because.... I am a samurai!! My first boss (who sent me to India) told me once: "to work for us you have to be a samurai", hence the name...

I started my blog in French the day I arrived in India, for my family and friends. I soon realised that they didn't read it but quite a few other people did! It kept me going. That and the fact that I like (need even) writing and that this country inspires stories all the time!


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