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A strange creeping thing...

If you spend some time in India, you will very surely come across cockroaches, lizards, spiders, all very normal! And if you pay some attention, you will probably see this thing too:



Well maybe you have wondered what it is??

It is called “Plaster bagworms” or “household case bearer” or “Household Case-bearing Moth” (Phereoeca allutella for the Indian version).

They are similar in appearance and closely related to clothes moths. The larvae of bagworms live in a flattened, gray, watermelon seed-shaped case about 1.3 cm long. The case is constructed of silken fiber and sand particles, lint, paint fragments, and other debris. The case has a slit-like opening at each end, and the larva is able to move around and feed from either end.


The larvae mainly feed on spider webs; however, they will also feed on fabrics made of natural fiber.


The household casebearer requires high humidity to complete its development. Phereoeca allutella (Rebel) has been recorded in Hawaii, Panama, Canary Islands, Madeira, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, India, Java and Samoa.


To get rid of them, first get rid of spider webs and clean regularly. Or call pest control…




Very helpful information. I was wondering from months what that tiny thing is hanging around my bathroom. But u helped me to find out. Thanks!!

Posted by: Kishor Singh | 02/02/2022

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