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Beaten as his own game!

Some time back I was speaking at an event in Chennai, and, as the only foreigner in the crowd, I definitely attracted the attention of the photographer. I don’t know how many pictures he clicked of me while I was sitting, listening to the other speakers… I did not react. Rather I posed a bit, hoping I could get a nice portrait out of it!

In between speeches, we were invited to do some relaxation exercises, including working on our breath. At some point, we had to close our eyes, close our ears and do the humming sound. I was quite engrossed in the experience when I suddenly saw red flashes through my closed eyelids. Was it some supernatural stuff?? Had all my chakras opened and was I seeing the blinking light of enlightenment?? I couldn’t resist opening my eyes, and who was there with his big lens pointing at my face less than a meter away?? The photographer!! Now, that was slightly irritating…

He finished his show later on while I was sitting at my table, waiting for the conference to start again. I could see him taking selfies with his cell phone. And it didn’t take me long to figure that he was trying to have me in the frame! Followed a sort of game where I was trying to get out of the frame and he would adjust his position, shamelessly, for a good five minutes. I let him take his photo, just to get rid of him.

India,photographer,white girls

India,photographer,white girls


IndianSamourai goes to the dermatologist

India,skin specialist,dermatologist,medical tourism,acneFor several weeks, I had been more and more worried about a new mole. To be safe, the first thing to do is of course to consult a dermatologist. Of course. I asked my networks of foreign ladies in Delhi for a recommendation – my white skin (type 1) is not an Indian skin (type 4) so I'd rather show my thing to someone who has a little experience with type 1 skin – but no answer.

So I asked Google, or rather Practo, a Tripadvisor for doctors. I observed a few things. Firstly: there is a plethora of dermatologists in Gurgaon. Secondly: there is a plethora of highly rated dermatologists. And thirdly: there are not many of them who have studied or practiced in Europe/United States – this specialty may not particularly benefit from an experience abroad. And with this story of skin types, dermatology is certainly not the flagship of medical tourism in India...

india,skin specialist,dermatologist,medical tourism,acneTo cut my story short, I did find a nice profile. Quite good looking on the picture. But more importantly he had studied in London. And from the comments I gathered that he was the kind of doctor who digs quite a bit and look for the cause of the problem instead of rushing into the treatment. I had lost the hope these doctors even exist! So I immediately took an appointment. And there is was, at the door, tall, lean, fit, strong shoulders, weight lifting type, with cute cocker eyes that makes you melt, an type 4 Apollo! Which broke the spell almost as soon as he spoke – though luckily it was not quick well done charm - not by attacking cash on my not juvenile acne bothering me for several months, but in the following way:

- Him: Tell me, what can I do for you?

- Me: I have a mole that worries me.

- Him: Ok. And do you have a picture?

-Me (flabbergasted): uh... no... But if you want I can show you!

India,skin specialist,dermatologist,medical tourism,acneHe looked at the ‘thing’ from a distance (it wasn’t even between my thighs but above my navel), without any light or magnifying glass. Without touching of course – I was far from being in a scene of Savita Bhabi visiting the doctor. And he concluded by saying that I should check with his boss. I thus had to drive another 30 minutes more to finally land in the exact type of skin clinic I had been trying to avoid!! Very Indian, creepy, specialising in laser and hair (Indians can simply not deal with baldness, hair is just too important and in India hair growth and implants is a huge business since with fast changing lifestyle, this misery seems to touch more and more people). It must be my karma!

As for my acne – I had decided to ask the question, since I was finally visiting a skin specialist – the handsome doctor did exactly the opposite of what I was hoping. He started by telling me it wasn't much; and he must know what he was speaking of since he had a lot of acne scar. Flattering but not really helpful. If he had wanted to get the how and why before treatment, he could have questioned me about my hormone levels, the quality of my digestion, whatever, at least for how long this had been going on. Well no, he decreed that it was because of the sun and prescribed me... sunscreen! The sun! Not only my spots have begun their dance in January when the weather was all cold and foggy but even in summer, the sun is so strong that my vitamin D level actually plummets: we hide from the sun here! Anyway, I found a real winner...

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