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The Arrangements Of Love

The Arrangements Of Love

Author: Timeri N. Murari

Year: 2007

In the vein of "Indian immigrate who comes back to India".
A nice plot that makes the book really interesting...

"It begins with the return of Nikhil Figgis, a young theatre director from New York, to Chennai. Within minutes of his arrival, a taxi driver makes off with his suitcase that contains a precious copy of the book, Georgetown, which he wishes to adapt into a play.

We then meet Apu, who runs a detective agency. Nikhil hires her to locate S.K. Naidu—who turns out to be a cross between Salinger and Miss Havisham, lives in a fortress-like house and entertains no visitors. He is also Nikhil’s long-lost father and the author of Georgetown."

Rate: 8/10

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