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Comment book - Clara

"When I think of India, it is with a very particular tenderness. India, the country of all contrasts, I hated it like I adored it. This country saw me grow. I learned patience there, as well as agressivity. But this country I loved it. I loved taking rickshaws and racing with other rickshaws. I loved taking the train in Mumbai. I loved the beauty of the touristic sites, the beauty of the nature. I even learned to appreciate the city’s noise, traffic and beggars. But above all I discovered the Indian culture, its complexity… The marriages, the casts… This country, as difficult as it is, is unique, and can not leave indifferent.”


Clara M., 12/09/2011, Travel in August 2001 (Rajasthan), internship for 4 months in 2010 (Mumbai)

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