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Humidity, bringing life...

I knew it, I knew it!!

It could not be only me…


In India, hairs have a field day!! (It is a subject that I already discussed a lot, but in French mainly.)

I realized rather quickly that they never stop growing, and super fast with that. In short, in India, women spend their time epilating - except for those (more or less a vast majority) who have fallen out with epilation and accept themselves hairy.


And I have just found the explanation: “The hair grows under the effect of moisture. There can be up to 3% difference in length between the growth of hair in dry medium and in moist environment. ”


And guess what? In Mumbai, “mean relative humidity for an average year is recorded as 74% and on a monthly basis it ranges from 67% in February & December to 85% in July & August.”


Good. If there were only hairs that were growing, I would be happy…

During monsoon particularly, any leather that has not been treated perfectly will get covered by a film of some brown thing.

Or the other day, I was cooking spaghettis (from a pack I had opened some few weeks back). I suspected there was something wrong when I noticed they were more white than yellow. I nevertheless put them in the water and some kind of herbs (like Italian seasoning) started to float on the surface. I rinsed and tasted, that had a disgusting mint taste. I threw the pasta away.


My ayurvedic profile (PITTA) states that: “In order to be balanced, Pittas should remain cool, avoiding excess heat, steam or humidity.”

Here, everything has been said!


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