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Checking Indian hospital hospitality

On a Sunday morning of October, I wake up in Delhi with a pain in the intestine, on the right side, and really nauseous. It’s going to pass… (It’s not like it is the first time I have a tummy upset!)

On Thursday, I am really not well and I go to the doctor – it’s nice, there is a French-speaking doctor in Mumbai!

She suspects an acute appendice, give me antibiotics and send me to do some tests.


The next morning, I do a sonography that I will remember… My bladder was not full ; and she saw the worst things : a cystic lesion, a baby, a lump in my intestine and then another lesion. Once my bladder full, she only saw an expanded appendice!!


I spend the week-end in chemical until the Sunday evening when I give up. I am too nauseous too eat and take my medicine. I call my mummy to cry a bit… I feel so lonely all in a sudden… (I can’t deal with disease, if it is mine; thankfully I am never sick) I know that I could call Emilie or my boss. But somehow I am not good at asking for help…


On Monday afternoon I go back to the doctor, as planned. She decides

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Comment book - Fred

“India for me, it is 2 journeys:


The first one in Calcutta in November 2008: A flight taken the day of the Mumbai terrorist attack and a population in turmoil. Indians definitely do not like the Pakistanis and vice versa! Anyway, once in the city and the Mother Theresa centers visited, many things take a different perspective. It is said that tourists on a spiritual quest are often disappointed (the advertisement “Incredible India” does not show everything!) but back then, it was the opposite… After that, you stop complaining… At least you should.


The second one in Mumbai exactly one year later in November 2009. Taking into account my first experience and thanks to the acute sense of welcome (also writing this blog), Bombay came across as a very pleasant city and I appreciated a certain art of living! I will particularly remember the promenade on the sea side, the Gateway of India, the quality of service of the Taj Mahal rebuilt in less than a year and a movie in theatre in a very Bollywood atmosfear! … Not to be missed!”


Frédéric J., 09/10/2011, Travels :

 in November 2008 (Kolkata)

in november 2009 (Mumbai)

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A South-Indian wedding

I am often asked how an Indian wedding is…

The first thing to know is that they are really different from North to South.

So for instance, here are some pictures and video of a wedding in Tamil Nadu: a lot of simplicity (less show-off) in most South-Indian weddings!

Mariage Inde du Sud2.jpg

Mariage Inde du Sud3.jpg

Mariage Inde du Sud4.jpg

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