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The little beggar girl

When we changed our office, I said to goodbye to the leper and his stumps of hands who owns the intersection of Juhu Tara Road. On my new itinerary, I stop at another crossroad “owned” by another gang, the gang of the fake eunuchs – but I will speak about it later...

The other day, I was going home and I saw this three-year-old girl, lying on the sidewalk. In fact I saw her because a woman, presumably a beggar, was leaning on her and watching the flies fly. And this is not a figure of speech. The small girl was covered with flies. And the woman did not make a gesture; she stood there a few seconds and left. Moreover, all the time that I was at the red light, some passers-by are passed, none of them making a gesture. None of them even glancing at her actually. As if she wasn't there.

I was trying to deal with the feelings that the scene inspired me – sadness, anger, shame (of myself, for not being able to do anything other than holding a camera instead of moving my ass, and I have no excuse) – when my rickshaw driver started moving and I discovered the same woman, some ten metres away, monitoring the child and laughing with two other kids. She had made the little girl lie there, across the pavement, on purpose, more visible, rather than on the street corner...


This is what I like about India, you regularly get a slap as reality check (1)...

And finally, a more optimistic note with this nifty website, TheBetterIndia, which shares positive initiatives to help "make good collectively. And this makes the balm in the heart every time I read an article!


(1) According to UNICEF, 12.6 million children are engaged in hazardous occupations. Nearly 40,000 children are abducted every year, of which 11,000 remain untraced, according to a report by the National Human Rights Commission of India.Source:

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