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About the cost of a Big Mac

 “The Economist’s Big Mac index is based on the theory of purchasing-power parity: that, in the long run, exchange rates should adjust to equal the price of a basket of goods and services in different countries. Our basket consists of one McDonald’s Big Mac, and we’ve compared it with the average price in America, $4.20. According to our burgernomics, the Swiss franc is 62% overvalued: the exchange rate that would equalise the price of a Swiss Big Mac with an American one is 1.55 francs to the dollar; the actual exchange rate is only 0.96. The cheapest burger is found in India, where it costs just $1.62. Big Macs aren’t sold in India, so we’ve taken the price of a Mac Maharaja, made with chicken instead of beef.“

 I personally find it a bit surprising since I eat lunch everyday for 60 rupees (about $1.14) and I have rice, vegetable, dal (lens soup) and 4 chapatis (bread).

 And when I get a Filet-o-Fish meal it costs me 250 rupees…





The sofa-bed story

 A story that could happen anywhere. But that happened to me here ...

So here I was, looking for a sofa-bed. Something a little bit good looking. Not like that: 

India,Delhi,installation,sofa-bed,sofa,foam sofa bed

Rather like this:  

India,Delhi,installation,sofa-bed,sofa,foam sofa bed

In short, I found a guy who were selling these sofa-beds in Mumbai. For a decent price. And free shipping to Delhi. Done: on February 13th I placed my order, paid online. They were to ship it three days later. 5 days later… (click on Lire ci-dessous to read more)

Read more ...


Installation in Delhi... electrical!! - Part 4

In Pune, we had up to 8 hours of power cuts per day in the summer.  
In Mumbai, I did not have a single cut in 3 years.      
In Delhi, I realized I was going to suffer ... so one of my first purchases was an inverter. The thing was plugged and seemed to be working fine. Though it looked really bad in my living room.   
It looked actually so bad that we decided to move it somewhere else. What an inspiration to do that…

The same day the electrician moved it, I started the microwave. He started to growl. Simultaneously the speakers started to make some chboum chtac chboum chtac sound. What the hell???           
Next thing, I got a shock when unplugging my ipod from the amplifier. I even got slightly burnt!
The next day I tried plugging the microwave everywhere in the flat, only to realize it was really in bad shape.

And more: while I was reading in the living room, I noticed a strange cycle: 5 minutes of good light, 3 minutes of bad light. And for more than one hour. Right.        
I decided to check if there was really something wrong and turned on the air conditioning in the bedroom (installed a month ago but never used). And CHBAM. No electricity. Nothing. Shit. And the fuses are normal. And the inverter is going chtac chtac chtac.       
I take my shower by the candlelight. I go to bed.        

My favorite Indian takes over the next day. God only knows what they (two electricians) have done during the 10 hours they spent at the apartment ...        
A good point: the electricity works.

Except that.          
The stabilizer (brand new) of the AC of the bedroom is dead.
The air conditioning does not cool the living room.   
If I plug in the AC in the study room, all the other devices (lights and fans) get half power.            
If I run the washing machine, lights start flashing everywhere.              
My toaster is sulking.        
And I have not tried the microwave.               
In short, there is still some work to be done ...           

But what the hell is happening here? It's not going to stop is it???      

You should know that spring is very pleasant in Delhi. It's 20 degrees, the birds sing. No, really, it is nice. But it only lasts for three days ... I am not joking, we went from 15 to 35 degrees in less than a week. So I got kind of a heat stroke of course. But I have no time to be sick.               
That's why when the pseudo-electrician (who showed me how we get sparkles with two electric wires) wanted to leave at 9:30 PM after having connected everything but my room I made a face. No, I don’t have another bed. And the guy goes on telling me that I don’t need electricity in my bed do I? Well, darling, I will not spend one more night without fan ok?                
And tomorrow you come back please because soon I will not spend a night without AC!*            

And finally?          
Another electrician came back the next day. Older. He looked like nothing but in three hours he fixed everything, I could not believe it. I still can not believe it.               
I waited 3 days before trying the microwave, I dunno, I could not ... I could not ... And it worked!! When I think that the first electrician told me it was dead and wanted to take it… The poor thing was just getting enough power!


* Here I am not entirely true as I use the AC as less as possible.