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Indian melting-pot: migrations since the origins...

The Tziganes research made me curious: someone told me that actually Tziganes had populated India!! It is quite not accurate, though India is a real melting pot, and this since prehistoric times! 

I made a small synthesis of all that… (and that was not easy!)



At the beginning there was nothing.

Then there was the Indus civilization – about which we apparently don’t know much.

And after that there was a big mess.



Here is how it goes (please tell me if I got it wrong!):


§          Indus civilization

§          Invasion of Indus valley by the Aryens of Bactria (around 1000 BC).

§          Invasion of Indus valley  by the Persians (end of the 6th century BC)

§          Invasion of Indus valley by the Greeks who kept coming and leaving (from 325 to 50 BC) during the local Maurya dynasty (325 to 187 BC).

§          Invasion by the Indo-European tribes coming from China (the Yue Tché and the white Huns) (from 45 to 550).

§          Muslim dominations alternately between the Turks and the Afghans (from 997 to 1526).

§          Turko-Mughal dominations (from 1526 to 1857, year when the last Mughal emperor died).

§          European invasions (first Portuguese (1535) then Danish, French and British).


An approximative map (by myself):






To know more, download the full file: Migrations to India from the origns to 1860.pdf

Or read below:

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