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The traveling hugger... (Part 5)

The same night I was taking the plane to Mumbai. At the check-in desk, the SpiceJet guy told me that I should probably check in my hugger but seeing me pouting, he offered to let me try my luck at the security check... 


At the security check, one of the military woman – women have separate lines in India – asked me what it was. I explained but she was not keen on letting it go as hand baggage: she wanted me to check it in. Except that it was 9 PM, I was super pukish, I had no baggage checked in and I certainly didn’t have 20 minutes to waste waiting at the belt in Mumbai at 11 PM... 


One of her girlfriends seemed to take pity in me and asked her male colleagues, sitting around the next X-ray machine, for opinion. They immediately recognized the hugger and agreed to let me carry it! (My smile was doing wonders that day ;) ) But my military woman would not hear anything and refused to stamp the tag. The brave woman who had decided to help me took my hugger and got its tag stamped by the military guys and voilà! For once I was glad men trump women in this country! 


When I arrived on the plane, the hugger would not fit in the luggage trunk, and it bothered me the whole way at my feet – this shit had started to really annoy me now...! 


And now I had to courier this thing! 


(To be continued)


The traveling hugger... (Part 4)

Using all my charms (well, not all actually, it is just about a bike after all! My smile should be enough ;) ), I managed to convince the sales guy to remove the hugger from the exhibit bike (a new model they had received the same day)!  


Thirty minutes later and much more knowledgeable about race bikes (once I overcame my shyness and started talking I was unstoppable with my questions), I left with my hugger!


But the adventure was not over...


(To be continued)



The traveling hugger... (Part 3)

The next day, still in Hyderabad and on market visits, we passed in front of a KTM shop and just to be sure I stopped the car.



Today somehow I have no problem with discussing about bikes in Hindi… And surprise! The sales guy spoke very well English and understood immediately (after I showed the picture) what I wanted – a good lesson for me: when I go outside my comfort zone and interact directly with people things happen always better than expected!  

So I asked if they had a hugger. And they did! But one of the parts was not in stock... But he could get it within 24-48 hours! But I was flying the same evening. 

(To be continued)