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So… A few things about me...

I have been blogging for almost 4 years and just thought of going wild: do it also in English!

Hope I’ll manage, if it is not too time requiring…

I am Emilie, almost 28, French. I moved to India for a 2-year job in Pune (in polymers). Loved it there but had to face a situation of moral /sexual harassment from an ugly fat bold Indian…

I survived thanks to my boyfriend, Shiv, who showed me that all guys where not like the other pig (though I must confess the number of sexually starving guys is HUGE in this country; and adding that white skin = easy sex (in their mind), it makes it a little difficult to deal with…).

I moved to Mumbai one and half year ago, to work for a pet food company. Yes, there are dogs and cats in India, and not only wild ones.

I really like the job (marketing). Hence I am staying and liking it.

My accent has totally turned Indian. I also understand hindi ok though I don't speak.

I shake my head to say yes, when talking to Indians.

I have travelled a LOT in India.

I still don’t like spicy food but enjoy tandoori.

I don't wear sarees, cause it's too hot (except for special occasions - see photo below)

I am a young white business woman so I don’t really suffer from prejudges with my colleague: I am more of the species of ETs for them.

A frequently asked question: “has your family moved to India with you?” Well…

See you later!