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A cunning trick…

A couple of months after my arrival in India, I had to take a cab from Mumbai airport to Pune. I was a bit wary of rip-offs but I still got into a taxi that agreed to take me to Pune for 1 500 rupees (an almost decent price).

The same taxi dropped me right outside the airport premises, to another taxi. In a dark lane. This story did not sound too good.

The driver asked me to give him the money and I handled 3 notes of 500 rupees to him. He told me I had done a mistake and given 100 rs notes. Since these notes are very similar and it was very dark, I took 2 notes back and gave 2 new notes of 500.

And he was bald enough to tell me I had done the same mistake again!! I understood he had f… me and turned furious. He did not insist and took me safely to Pune.

Raaaaaaaaaa! That was my first and so far only big rip-off and it taught me to be cautious (not too expensive a lesson at the end…) 


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