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They call it the CWG mess...

It’s not nice to criticise but well, I have been forced (by Shiv) to watch all the news about the Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi. And I find it extremely boring – who cares about these stupid games?? But at times it gets funny too; and shocking. So here are some things that make me rise an eyebrow: 

  • The chief Indian organiser saying that “Indians don’t have the same hygiene standards than foreigners”!! No need to say he got trashed by everyone here!  
    • A South-African athlete found a snake in his room. But the South-Africans are sport: one official offered to clean the toilet himself is required. But what is it with the toilets and the games?? 
    • The best cyclists (from England) have pulled out, fearing dengue (and yeah, there is a big dengue spread in Delhi this year because of huge rains – and by the way there were floods in the venue a few days back!). Is there ANYTHING going right in Delhi right now??
    • A footbridge under construction at the main stadium for the Delhi Commonwealth Games and a ceiling at the weightlifting venue collapsed. This would be funny if no-one had died. But there are poor people so who care (please understand here my “French” sarcasm). 
    • 2 weeks before the Games there was an attack in a major tourist spot in Delhi. 2 Taiwanese were killed but their death has still not been reported in the Indian press. Are they hiding things from us?? 
    • 4 days before the Games, the newspapers completely changed their stance and everyone is super happy!! Security is great, food is amazing and the village is good. A miracle has happened!! (??)

    Just a small review. Games were granted to Delhi in 2003. Initially the cost was Rs. 150 crores (25 million euros) and came up to Rs. 60,000 crores (10 billion euros) and other figures are even stating Rs. 4,00,000 crores (66 billion euros) to be paid up in the coming years.

    "They are killing animals, they are cutting trees, they are displacing people, snatching livelihoods, destroying rivers, looting the taxpayers, violating all possible labor laws, increasing the cost of living to unimaginable heights, asking students to vacate hostels, all this in the name of the Green Games. […]Shamelessly authorities have decided to erect Bamboo screens around the city slums to separate visitors from the sights of the slums. […]Thousands of others have migrated to city as laborers to work in various projects for the games. The WHO is also saying that these games will increase slums and unauthorized colonies in the city.”*


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