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Correspondence with my landlady - End of the story (at least I hope !)

Suite of my last post...


I answered my landlady:


“Do you mean you need to take stuff in the room or actually sleep in the room?

Honestly, I would not be too comfortable with the second option...”


I was very worried though and she was not answering. What if she would just come and stay? Imagine me explaining the cops that she is my landlady and I am the tenant but she is the one they should throw out?? I can pretend all that is fun, if she wants to get rid of me it is very easy for her and I love my place!


So I called my broker, who called her broker (and cousin). The guy said that he had received a mail from my landlady saying that I was not comfortable having her over and he should find her a place for 3 weeks.

And do you think she would have told me???

I swear…

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