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Comments from an Indian traveller...

I recently met an Indian doctor who had traveled to Europe…

He had to shorten his stay in Paris and Dublin because it was to unbearable!!


His most traumatizing experience? A woman skeeping the queue!! (Kind of ironic coming from an Indian…)


Like everyone, he told me that “French people are horrible because they know English and they refuse to speak”. I took the time to explain that “know English” is a bit too much. Learning a language at school for a couple of yours is not enough to feel comfortable answering when someone asks you a question out-of-the-blue in English. He seemed astonished that we don’t speak with our family or friends or anything…He looked so dumb at that point that I even had some fun, adding that maybe people could not understand his accent. And it has not even occurred to him that he had a funny one!! (I remember my first days in India when I could not make out whether people were speaking to me in English or any other language).


If he had gone on his travel agent website, he would have read: “Take some time to learn some of the local language - even just a few sentences from a phrase book will show that you've made some effort. Most people are normally friendly and welcoming as long as they're given the right signals.”


Instead, the only advice he remembers from them is: “German younsters are fond of bikes. But don’t sit or even touch them.”

How weird!!


I'm an Indian and my stay in France was rather pleasant,I should say.The guys at the CDG airport were the only ones who made me feel unwelcome there.I know a few Indian friends who have missed connecting flights because of their unending searches.

But the people in general were friendly.My efforts in elementary French were appreciated :). And a lot of ppl were curious about India! Sadly,many Indians who are on long term professional visits don't attempt the local cuisine and make no effort to understand the cultural diversities in the different provinces of France

Posted by: Deepak | 03/12/2011

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