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Think twice before getting a hair cut!

In India, hair is really important.

I tried to look for proper article on the same but could not find anything really so I will gather a few things I can remember about it! 

  • There are temples where people shave off and give their hair as an offering to god – which hair is then sent to Italy, treated and recycled in very expensive wigs).
  • There are the Jaïn nuns who have to pluck every hair from their head when they become nuns.
  • There are the Sikhs who don’t cut their hair and hide it in a turban to “show God that their “human” beauty has no value”.
  • There are the Hindu widows who are supposed to shave their head – it is less done today but when you visit the countryside and see a woman with very short hair, you can’t help wondering whether her husband has recently passed away.
  • There are the Muslim women who hide their hair.

And the best example is still this one: 



A majority of Indian men never go out without their comb and they frequently use it!! No better way to become rich than starting a comb factory!!

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Les informations ci-dessus brève m'a éclairé sur pourquoi les Indiens valeur leurs cheveux de différentes manières. Votre travail mérite d'être lu. Merci!

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40 ans est la majorité

Posted by: jeux ps3 | 07/11/2011

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