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Comment book - Fanny

“India, I got to know it a bit. I travelled there three times. She is repulsing and attracting. She is a mystery. A wave of magic carries this country. The Ganesh statues in the street, the beggars who harass you, the rickshaw drivers who rip you off, the slums at the bottom of big buildings, the children who smile at you and touch you like if you were a star.

I got to know this country in her purest form in the villages, with the softness of their inhabitants full of a breathtaking kindness, and in her ugliest form in the economic capital where everything is only about contrasts. This country is the mirror of the Human being, there is the worse as well as the best.”


Fanny M., 12/09/2011, Travel in August 2001 (Rajasthan), volunteering in 2008 (Pune), internship for 4 months in 2010 (Mumbai)

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Super sympa votre blog!

Posted by: ptz | 09/25/2011

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