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Comment book - Guillaume

“India is a bit the archetype of the place where you arrive looking for something and you leave with nothing, or with something else. I went there to see my cousin (and, well, a few birds too, I might as well be honest) and I left with the feeling of having only skimmed over a world definitively out of reach.


India, at least her cities, for me a big feeling of arbitrary with her anarchic constructions, here design super trendy, there crumbling buildings that have not even been finished… And people everywhere, head nodding as if to tell you that you are a bit lost, whereas no, I am just looking for the bus to – check LP – Daramsala, with H inside but I never remember where, or to Udaipur if really you can assure me that it is snowing there.


Winter in Uttarakhand, it is winter.

I will have to come back some day during the monsoon, for the Lesser florican:


The Himalayan monal:


And to see this too:


Because I love the rain. »

 Guillaume P., 12/09/2011, Voyage en février 2007 (Delhi, Dharmasala, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan)

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