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The talk of the day

Four years ago I met a girl in Pune. Sweet fun girl. Sikh girl dating a Christian guy for like 4 years. Studying dentistry. We went for a few drinks. Normal student life…


Then one day she went home in Punjab. Told her mum about the boyfriend. Decision was taken: you finish your semester and you come back home. It then took a year to find the husband. The kind of guy who studied 7 years in the US, did all his rebel things and then came back to marry the Indian girl (who has some morality compared to those white girls) who “should stay at home and help my mum”. Deal was sealed. No more work. No more nothing. On top of that, she had to adjust to living in a joint family (big big family) she who is an army daughter (an army officer keeps changing posts and travels everywhere with only the wife and kids). I know it was not so easy for her. Maybe she felt fortunate because he is from one of the richest Sikh family in Mumbai? In any case, being the good daughter who obeyed her mum, she could only do everything to adjust…


Though it is beyond my understanding, I never judged. Her life, not mine.

And then today, we had this amazing (to me) text exchange:


-          Hey sweets, wanna meet up for coffee in the evening!

-          Sure. 7 at Moshe?

-          Can u make it at 6?

-          Not sure I have a meeting at 5

-          Then 7 at my place: what say?

-          You have timings to come home?

-          Yup, can go out post sunset only with hubby and hes out. Sounds pretty strange na! how life changes! Its perfectly fine at my place, my mom in law gets worried otherwise! what say?

-          It sounds horrible. We can meet in the week end, better

-          He he he, are sweet heart its not what ur thinking! precaution is better than cure!every one in the families is fine!ull surely like them n uve not seen my place,wanna show u my marriage pics as well.

-          I’m sorry this is crap. We are talking about Mumbai at 7 PM and 500 meters from your house… But well if you like it, good for you!

-          Sweets take a chill pill, life is a roller coaster ride! Whats the probs in coming home?


-          Okkk,well catch up on the wk end for sure!


Well she did not end up being a dentist, but at least a philosopher…!!

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