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Asian dad, white mother, coming from a brown belly?? Easy!!

Every time I go to the Foreign Registration Office (which happened quite a bmala.jpgit last year) I see white adults with tiny babies. All kind of people – sometimes two men, sometimes a man and his mother etc.

So it got me thinking. What are they doing here??

Well, they are most probably getting a visa for the baby to leave the country.     
And the baby is most probably the fruit of a surrogacy with an Indian woman.


I just got to know that

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a very famous Bollywood couple (Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao) got a baby this way (she faced difficulties after a miscarriage), and was not shy about it. Source: here. 

“Commercial surrogacy remains controversial and is banned in many countries. But in India, a socially conservative society, surrogacy has thrived since the supreme high court legalised the practice in 2002 [India’s first surrogate baby was delivered on June 23rd, 1994]. A report by the Confederation of Indian Industry estimates the practice will generate $2.3bn a year by 2012.”


“One of the main attractions of surrogacy in India is the price. Most of [the] clients are from the US, Canada and Europe. Where it is legal, surrogacy in western countries can cost more than $90,000. At the Akanksha clinic, tucked down a lane behind a chaotic market in Anand [Gujarat], it costs around a third of that. The surrogates are paid between $6,500 and $7,500, the equivalent of several years' income.”


“Statistics indicate that Indian surrogacy clinics handled around 1,500 surrogacy births for domestic and overseas couples in 2010. This indicates a jump of 50% in two years.”

“India’s average surrogacy success rate is 37.9%.”

“Currently, industry experts estimate the industry to be worth US$445 million, with around 200 clinics documented across India offering surrogacy services. Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), however, speculate that the number of clinics could be as high as 3,000.”


A Marathi movie (2011) on surrogacy: Malaa Aai Vhaychayaya:


Quid of the adoption then? In 1999 and 2005, two big scandals where Indian babies were sold, India got the nickname of “International Baby Shopping Center”. The Government then tried to prevent illegal adoptions (for instance “The Supreme Court of India has laid down that every application from a foreigner/NRI/PIO (as applicable) desiring to adopt a child must be sponsored by a social or child welfare agency recognised or licensed by the Government or a Department of the Foreign Govt. to sponsor such cases in the country in which the foreigner is resident. The foreign agency should also be an agency ‘authorised’ by CARA, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India.”) following which adoptions by foreigners kept reducing:



India,adoption,surrogacy,statistics,aamir khan

India,adoption,surrogacy,statistics,aamir khan

 As for the French :

o         2010 : 21 kids were adopted in India

o         2009 : 18 kids were adopted in India


And regarding surrogacy:

“French people are advised against appealing to surrogate mother.

Indeed if having recourse to surrogate mother is tolerated in India, the French law forbids any contracts of surrogate mother and applies serious criminal sanctions in case of simulation or concealment threading the identity status of the child and in case of provocation to abandonment of a child. Overall in French law, the mother is the one who gave birth to the child.

Therefore French people still and all using surrogate motherhood are risking serious judicial and administrative difficulties, especially regarding the issue of a civil status for the child and the issue of travelling authorization to take the child back to France.

Last but not least they will have to face serious difficulties with the Indian authorities. Indeed judicial proceedings can be engaged if the Indian birth certificate makes mention to inaccurate facts and especially regarding the name of a mother who wouldn’t have given birth to the child.” (Newsletter of the French Consulate in Mumbai – November 2011)


Sources surrogacy:


Sources adoption: ;; Article_Hindu_Adoption_060305.pdf; Article_Hindu_Adoption_060305 2.pdf; Article_Hindu_Long wait_290208.pdf

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