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India: wedding destination!!

I just got to know that the couple Russell Brand and Kate Perry got engaged and then married in India last year…11116_00004948c_68db_orh500w348_Russell-Brand-Katy-Perry-Wedding-7.jpg


I quite like the engagement story! (Who wouldn’t??)

“After a whirlwind, four-month romance, Russell popped the question to Katy with a £30,000 Cartier gold and diamond sparkler, during a romantic break in [Jaipur] India. Russ treated his bride-to-be to the Christmas getaway and then proposed during a meticulously planned ceremony on New Year's Eve. The pair drank champagne and ate by candlelight, watching fireworks at midnight from the back of an elephant. Sneaky Russell hid Katy's two-carat rock among the flowers in their candlelit private garde.”


Then, as far as the wedding is concerned, they made


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all that "worries" me with an Indian ceremony: arrival of the husband on horses, sitting on a stage with thrones and so on. Every time I imagine my favorite Indian doing that, I wonder how I will not laugh. I respect eh, but I find it too funny!


Then they had a big (very) private party in Arman-I-Khas resort, close to the Ranthambore Safari Park, Rajasthan where they brought about 80 guests (and then Taj Rambagh Palace Hotel in Jaipur).


It is thought Katy started off the day in traditional Indian attire, donning a glittering blue sari and traditional Indian jewellery but made several changes during the 12-hour-long festivities. Russell meanwhile donned a nude-coloured traditional kurta before later wearing a long, elaborately embroidered coat.


It is thought Russell and Katy opted for a traditional [Christian] wedding ceremony […] but on Friday were also blessed by a Hindu priest ahead of the ceremony. In spectacular style, it is thought Russell arrived at the ceremony on the back of a white horse. Two elephants named Laxmi and Mala were spotted arriving at the hotel shortly before the procession began, and were said to have accompanied the groom, with a red carpet rolled out before them. It is thought Mr Brand entered amid a 'bharat', a traditional Indian wedding procession involving members of the family, to the sound of sitars, santoors and table drums. It is also thought that the pair sat on giant thrones after the ceremony, and reportedly 'burst out laughing' when they set eyes on the ornate seats earlier this week.



I wondered… Why India?? Yeah, I may have forgotten how exotic it can be…


Well, apparently Russell is also interested in the Indian “spirituality” (I put “…“ because though it is one of the most famous aspects of India, you tend on never experiencing it on a day-to-day life here). sporadically “visits to the Krishna temple in Watford (George Harrison's home until he handed his door keys to the Hindu movement in 1973)” and says “Hare Krishna as often as possible, sometimes even when [he is] not being filmed”. All this after he “had an encounter with a swami* [Radhanath Swami] in Soho Square and it spun his head around”.


* Swami = ( A title of respect for a Hindu saint or religious teacher.








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