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The encounter of the day…

The other day I was walking down the street, all light – and I was that I must have lost some weight which I remember because it does not happen so often!!

A guy stops me. Bollywood style: tight jeans, muscles, sunglasses, ears pierced. I’m listening to my music full volume so I could pretend I haven’t heard him but I decide to have some fun and see what he wants.

He gives me his card. He is a power yoga teacher at a gym club nearby, the club of the stars. And his cards indicates that he is a celebrity trainer. He asks me if I go to parties, if I “show my face”?? Ah no. He tells me that power yoga is good, if I want to learn I can just call him and get a few lessons free. And he adds “it is good to lose weight”. Wait, wait, wait, do you mean I need to lose weight? “Ah yeah of course”.

Ah yeah of course. You take your card back my friend, I insist. And you leave me alone.

Thank you.


It is no better than a customer two days back who comes in the meeting room. Hello. How are you? You have put on weight no?


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