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Settling down in Delhi - Part 2

Another test. To get curtains. The first store I located was closed, the second market did not have curtain stores. I ended up in a giant FabIndia in my neighbourhood. I selected the fabric. The tailor came home and gave me an exorbitant quotation for stitching. So I put that on hold. One week later I went back to buy the fabric – I had changed my mine on what I wanted. And then I looked for a tailor. Not easy. In my neighbourhood, they make only saris, no curtains. By chance I found a curtain tailor. Who asked me for the double of the price of the initial tailor. I thus called that guy…

I had to get the grid of the large window in the living room removed in order to have a superb sight on the trees and not feel anymore in prison.
I had to get the glass of the bathroom fixed and to clean the guano (the shit of pigeon in a language less elegant).
I had to repair the water-heater of the kitchen which causeed me a water damage the 3rd day after my moving in.
I had to buy and install the ACs and the inverter (for the power cuts during the summer), and the home theater (and to find out the correct prices, what a task!).
I had to get my landlord’s big fridge get picked up and to spend hours to remove the fungus.
I had to get some pieces of furniture done in Delhi.
I had to order some other pieces of furniture which are being done in Rajasthan (why doing simple things when one can do difficult ones??).
I had to threaten of a lawsuit the importer of futons of Mumbai who has still not sent the sofa bed after three weeks.
I had to get lamps and bulbs fixed, to get the washing machine plugged.
I had to explain to the servants’ kids that one does not play cricket on my ceiling/the roof terrasse. And especially not on Sundays morning at 7:30. They saw me storming in like a fury, hair all over the place, dressed with whatever I could find, wearing Shiv’s shoes. They got the message.
Where I have more difficulties is with the stray dogs. God knows why they start barking at midnight. I observed them bastards well and they call each other from one end of the street to the other. Now I throw stones from the balcony at them. Let’s see if they ever understand… Apparently pigeons got it that cooing at wee hours of the morning on my balcony what no option (is there some kind of conspiration to prevent me from sleeping?? The Delhiite torture…!).
I also had to locate where to buy food (even though I can not cook yet), my Kerastase shampoo etc.
I almost cried of joy when the guy of the electronic shop told me he could get me an electrician, a plumber, a carpenter. My saviour!

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