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Put some oil!

 A colleague of mine recently went to France for the first time.
At the end of his training he was offered a bottle of olive oil.

  • Me: Oh nice gift! Have you used it? (Doubting but he would not know what to do with it.)
  • Him: Yes yes. (That’s it? No details? What the hell did he do with that oil??!!)
  • Me: Oh and how?
  • Him: As massage oil!! My back was so sore after the eight-hour flight home!
  • Me: Laughing.
  • Him: No one in my family likes it nor knows how to cook with it.
  • Me: Yes. I'm not laughing at you! I just realise I must have done a lot of things that must look funny ot Indians too ;)

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I tell the story to my mother who replies that olive oil is excellent for massage!

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I go to buy an oil lamp. The dealer explains to me how it works: "You can put any oil, even olive oil!"

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One day, long ago, in Pune, I wanted to buy coconut oil for cooking. So I went to the supermarket. Being unable to find it, I finally asked for help. The guy took me to the cosmetics department, gave me a small blue bottle of coconut oil and swore to God that it worked as well for cooking as for hair! I was not THAT convinced but I had no choice ... It did work.

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