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Spiti calling!

After six months of getting used to Delhi, the itch has started again and here I am, organizing the next trip...

This time I will go to... the Spiti Valley! Never heard about it? Normal! Not easy to organize a trip in India out of the touristic places. My father had found this lost paradise in the mountains, God knows how. A Valley apparently spared by the rain during monsoon (I insist on the “apparently” since D-5 before departure it is flooded and there are landslides (see here)) and easier to go to than Ladakh.


Not easy to organize a trip in Spiti valley. First it is not easy to access (you can enter it from Shimla or Manali). Only Shimla has an airport – but there is only one flight per day, and more importantly it is a Kingfisher flight and they are going bankrupt big time and there is always a good chance your flight is cancelled... And no train. So are left with a 8 hour car journey or a night bus! We will do both ;)


Then how to balance trek and car? How to choose between Spiti Spiti or Lahaul Spiti or Spiti Pine Valley or or... I made at least ten possible itineraries!


For more details come back at the end of August!

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